How do I adjust my columns and save my view? (Reviewers)



Adjust your columns by selecting the Columns button at the top of your table. A pop-window will appear that displays all the columns currently in your table on the right side. Simply drag and drop each column to its desired position. You can use the Plus sign to expand the categories and add new columns, and the Minus sign to remove columns from the table.




Once you’ve edited your columns or filtered your applicants to your preference, click on the Views button. Type in what you want your custom view to be called and click on Save View +. This will add an additional green filter above the table.


To delete a view, go to Views and click on Delete next to the view you would like to delete.

If you need to update a view you've previously saved, make the necessary changes in your table and then click the green Overwrite button in the Views window. If you don't click Overwrite these changes will not save!



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