How do I allow applicants to submit additional media or make changes to their submitted application?


Once an application is submitted, the applicant can no longer make additions or changes without being given access.


Applicants can only make changes to their applications with permission from the organization. Changes must be facilitated with the help of an Account Owner or Program Manager. 

To allow an applicant to make changes on their own, their application must be re-opened and moved back to the Application stage.

1. In your submissions table, click on the application you'd like to re-open.

2. Above the applicant's name, click on the current stage name.


3. From here, select to move the applicant back to the Application stage. And click Change Stage to save.


4. You have the option to check the box Inform applicant of stage change if you would like to send an automatic email letting them know that action is needed on their application. We still recommend sending a personalized message to the student, unless you've already been in communication with them.

Applicants will not need to pay the application fee again.

When the applicant logs back into their account, they will click View and then Continue Application to make their edit and resubmit.

Note: An applicant that has been moved back to the application stage will still appear in your Submissions table. You will see that their Stage is listed as Application. We recommend tagging this application so that Reviewers don't rate this applicant while in the application stage. If reviews are entered while an applicant is in the application stage, they will be lost upon submission.



Note: If an applicant sent you a message through Acceptd with media (documents, audio files, video files, images) attached to the message, those files will automatically show in the applicant's Media tab of the application. You do not need to reattach them to the application if you do not wish to do so. 


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