How do I add or remove columns?



To add or remove columns of data from your table view, simply click the Columns icon that appears just above your table. The columns currently in your table will appear on the right.



To add columns from your available list, either click on the "+" icon next to each option OR drag and drop from the left to the right. 

You can also drag a whole category, such as Application to your current columns. 

To return to your table, simply click outside of the Manage Columns window and your new columns will appear. To save this view for future reference, see How do I save my view section.



To remove a column, you can either click on the "-" icon in the columns window OR you can click on the gear icon above a column and click on the "Remove" button that appears.



Note: only 25 columns will appear in your table at a time, however all columns that you added will be in your export.


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